The Patria Case 

EPP Expresses Grave Concern about the Situation in Slovenia

Watch Messages from Antonio López-Istúriz White (the Secretary Genral of the EPP) and Anca Boagiu (Vice President of the EPP)


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"The UN Genocide Convention" Initiative (The Initiative is under the Leadership of Mr. Janez Jansa)
(NYC; 67th Session of the General Assembly of the UN; September 24th, 2012)

The Ljubljana Human Rights Summit 2012

"The Syria Crisis and the Responsibility to Protect” by Dr. Mila Zver
(Ljubljana, October 30th, 2012)
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NEITHER SLOVENIA NOR EUROPE. WHAT THEN? Remarks on the comments of the EPP Resolution on Slovenia by Dr. Dimitrij Rupel (Former Foreign Minister of Slovenia; Former Mayor of Lublijana)
The Resolution of the European People's party, which refers to the half-year-old critique of the European Commission at the expense of the Slovenian judicial system, firstly claims that to overcome the crisis and end the transition in Slovenia we need economic and other reforms
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The EPP Resolution on Slovenia and some Janukovič type of responses »
SDS International Bulletin, November 2013
With its Resolution, the Presidency and the Political Assembly of the EPP expressed strong support for the Slovenian Democratic Party and its President Janez Janša as well as other pro-European and reform forces in Slovenia.
The central political force of a democratic and independent Slovenia
Read the adopted Resolution of the 10th SDS Congress
The Current Situation in Slovenia 
Culture of Death - Slovenia is still more or less under the control of a network of oligarchs, under the leadership of Milan Kučan
Slovenia is still more or less under the control of a network of oligarchs, under the leadership of Milan Kučan. The network consists of the former communist elite, tycoons that have come to own property in an unlawful manner, former agents of the secret police or their collaborators, and the media. Of which is itself owned by tycoons or via related companies by state banks and the state, says the editor-in-chief Method Berlec in today’s issue of Demokracija.
The EPP Political Assembly expresses Concerns about the Situation in Slovenia
Slovenia is in a difficult economic situation and needs a broad support in the Slovenian population to tackle the consequences of the financial crisis and to pursue the economic and other necessary reforms to overcame the crisis and conclude the transition. In May 2013, the European Commission stressed that the state of the Slovenian judicial system is unsatisfactory. It imposed a series of corrective measures to the Slovenian government.
Youth EPP: Condemning questionable legal procedures in Slovenia
Following detailed discussions and deliberation with our Slovenian member organization, SDM, in recent weeks, the Youth of the European People's Party (hereafter Youth EPP) has expressed its grave concern regarding the Slovenian Judiciary’s handling of the Patria case, which concluded on 5th June 2013 with a judgment of conviction.
Slovenian transition (from totalitarian regime to democracy) did not succeed
We are publishing a Resolution adopted unanimously by the Board of the Slovenian Democratic Party today at its constitutive session in Trbovlje. There are moments in the history of the nation when the Slovenian Democratic Party needs to react seriously and with determination, tell the public the unpleasant truth and express its commitment in care for the future of Slovenia. (more)
25 years later Slovenia is again in the middle of a politically motivated trial
In its last report, of 29 May 2013, the European Commission stressed that the state in which it finds the Slovenian judicial system is unsatisfactory. Of the Slovenian Government it demanded a series of corrective measures. On Wednesday, 05 June 2013, a discussion on this burning issue will take place at an extraordinary session of the Slovenian Parliament.
Slovenian National Elections 2011 
Smart Questions and Smart Solutions in the Field of Economic Cooperation and Foreign Investments in Slovenia
Dr. Turk commenced his statement by stating that in Slovenia “we have…
SDS collaborating with the unions on the key role of social dialogue as a propeller from crisis
The Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) organized an open forum on the topic…
SDS for a Fair Legal State
If we do not consider the people of our community as fair…
Slovenian Political Leadership 

Shocking Video

Watch a Shocking Video on the Participation of Slovenian Political Leadership in a Controversial Event

"We Don't Want FAKE Accusations…Sorry Friends This is Too Much"

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